Meet some of our students


Levison comes from a family of 6 children, in which he is the second born. He comes from a single parent family of subsistence farmers.

He worked as a houseboy to pay his secondary school fees since no family were able to support him financially.  He went to night school as he worked during the day.  He scored the highest in his district in his secondary school leaving exams.  In 2014 he was selected to study pharmacy at the Malawi College of Medicine under the self-sponsored category.  He was forced to sell all his possessions so that he had enough money to register and attend lectures.  He continued to struggle to pay his tuition fees and was told that he should drop out of university due to lack of funds.  Medic to Medic selected him for sponsorship, preventing any break in his education.  He's always had an interest in health.  He wants to be a pharmacist because they are the last point of contact before patients go home, "it's like the pharmacists are the ones that cure people.  If the pharmacists didn't give the drugs then patients can't go home."  His long-term goal is to work in neglected areas.