Meet some of our students


Dorothy is an only child. She is from the northern region of Malawi. Her Dad works at Mzuzu auction floors as a labourer and her Mum stays at home. Her aunts and uncles are housekeepers and housewives and perform small scale farming.

Her parents never finished their school education. Gaining a profession will transform her family's prospects.

Dorothy attended a missionary secondary school. Her parents were able to pay for her school fees by sending the money in instalments so she didn’t have breaks in her education (unlike many girls in Malawi). She scored 9 points in her Malawi school Leaving Certificate (MSCE) (In Malawi student points are calculated by adding their 6 highest subject points together. The better you do, the lower the score; 1-2 points = distinction; 3-4 points = credit; 5-6 points = pass) Dorothy did well to get 9 points in spite of her challenges!

Dorothy enjoys learning about different drugs and how those drugs work; knowing how to treat a certain disease. The science behind the drugs is interesting.  This is why she is looking forward to pursuing pharmacy as a profession.

Due to Dorothy’s financial struggles, she spent a lot of time trying to find money in her free time. This affected her studies and as a result she needed to repeat a year. When students repeat years they are no longer eligible to apply for government loans or have accommodation on the university campus. Outside rentals are expensive and less secure. Students often have to find money for transport. These challenges for repeating students only exacerbate their financial burdens. When we met Dorothy, she was out of options and was facing withdrawal from university. With the support of Medic to Medic, her plans are back on track.