Meet some of our students


A clinical officer is qualified to perform general or specialized medical duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury; inc. ordering investigations, performing procedures and referring patients to tertiary facilities.

In rural areas, Clinical Officers manage and run missionary and district hospitals where there are no doctors and hold similar responsibility. Their training is generally shorter (minimum 3 years) and they subsequently undergo a one year internship. There is also the option to specialize after graduation. This qualification is often not recognised in developed countries, therefore they are seen as an investment in the health workforce since they often do not leave after qualification.

Linda is from the northern region of Mzimba. She is an orphan. Both her parents passed away suddenly following a road traffic accident in 1999. She has two brothers and one sister and she is the last born. They were looked after by their Uncle following the death of their parents. Linda is the first in her family to go to University. All her siblings are at home and rely on subsistence farming. Her Uncle completed secondary school. She is unsure of her parents level of education. Her Uncle was able to pay for her school fees.

Linda has a passion for medicine. She wants to help provide health services in rural communities “because they do not receive as much help as needed.” She wants to specialise in maternal health so that she can contribute to the reduction of maternal death. She is touched when she sees these cases and wants to help reduce the death rate.