Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does sponsorship work?

    Your donation will go towards the training costs of a student health worker in Africa.  We support medical students, physiotherapy, pharmacy and nursing students.  If you would like to support a specific type of health worker, please email us on to let us know.  We will send you a welcome pack with details of your sponsored student.

    Your one-to-one relationship with your sponsored student means that you have a unique insight into their life and the challenges they face studying in some of the poorest countries in the world. Through the biannual updates from your sponsored student and newsletters from us, you’ll be able to see how your sponsorship has been helping. And with the opportunity to write to your sponsored student, you have the chance to build an insightful and lasting relationship.

    Note that although you will be sponsoring a specific student, all our donations are pooled so that no one student is affected if their donor withdraws.

  • What will I receive?

    When you first sign up as a sponsor, you will receive a welcome pack which will contain your student's profile and their latest student update. You will receive two updates from your sponsored student a year. Your student will usually update you on how their course is going, recent examination marks, what they’ve been up to outside of studying and their home life. If you respond to an update with a message to your student, you’ll find they’re very happy to hear from you and will write a message back in response. We will also send out 2 newsletters a year to keep you updated on our fundraising and charity news.

  • How long does the sponsorship last?

    This depends on which course the sponsored student is taking, as these can vary in length. It also depends on what year of study we start supporting them. We continue supporting our graduates during their internships through salary supplements. Typically, student sponsorship lasts for a minimum of five years and a maximum of seven years. Please note that if you want to stop, you can do so at any time.

  • How much does sponsorship cost?

    We appreciate any amount that you can give, but regular donations from £5 a month are the most useful. All donations are pooled so that we can cover all students’ costs and most students will have more than one sponsor supporting them.

    There have been occasions where donors have requested to be the sole sponsor for a student and make a larger financial contribution towards their training.  If you would like to do this, please let us know.

  • Can I send gifts or equipment to my sponsored student?

    Yes. If you’d like to send your student or their university a gift, do let us know. We’d be happy to take it with us on our monitoring visits, and hand it over personally for you. If you’d like to do this, please contact us regarding the dates for our next monitoring visit.

  • What happens if I can’t continue as a sponsor?

    We hope you’ll be able to continue, but if your circumstances change and you do want to withdraw, you can do this simply with an email or a phone call to us. There are many other ways you can help that don’t involve the same commitment. All sponsorship is pooled therefore no student will be disadvantaged from the loss of a donor.

  • Can I write to my sponsored student?

    Please do write to your sponsored student. We know just how much it means to the students to get messages from overseas. They’re often just as keen to hear about you as you are about them.

Further Information

  • How are we funded?

    We are funded by a range of sources: grants, donations and fundraising events. The money is divided between student fees, allowances, books and equipment, monitoring and evaluation visits and administration.

    We make every effort to keep the money spent on administration to a minimum. We have one part-time member of staff and all other team members volunteer their time to ensure the efficient running of Medic to Medic. 

  • How much does it cost Medic to Medic to support a student health worker?

    Each university is unique and even different courses vary between universities.  Additionally, all costs change according to exchange rates and tuition fee fluctuations.However, it costs approximately £830 per year for direct student costs, without taking into account administration and monitoring and evaluation visits.  This is based upon:

    Tuition fees £400 - £500 per year

    Stationery allowance £100 - £150 per year

    Uniform allowance – white coat and scrubs (one off cost) £150

    Medical equipment (one off cost) £150

    Laptop (one off cost) £300 - £400

    Medical books (throughout the five years) £100

    Repairs and replacements (throughout the five years) £50 - £100

    Total yearly cost £650

    Total one off costs £900

    Total one off costs spread over 5 years - £180 per year

    Each student costs approximately £830 per year to support

  • How is Medic to Medic different from other medical charities working in Africa? 

    Africa receives plenty of humanitarian attention due to its vast morbidity and mortality rates. We believe in tackling one of the causes of this problem by increasing the chances of prevention and early detection of disease. We aim to do this by helping to counter the huge lack of healthcare workers in these regions. We work directly with universities so we know exactly where the money is going.

    We support students who are socially and economically disadvantaged.  This means that your donation has the potential to really make a lasting difference, not only to the students but to all the patients that they will encounter over the course of their careers. We try to sponsor students from rural areas as they’ve been shown as more likely to return back to serve in rural communities.  By supporting poorer students, we are helping break the chain of poverty by enabling talented students to gain a profession and stable employment as well as helping reduce the human resource crisis in Africa.

    Last but not least, we like to keep things personal. We put every sponsor in touch with their student, so you can be sure that you are forming a real relationship with your student. Should your sponsored student have any unexpected news between their updates, whether it be about their studies, student life or family, we’ll keep you up-dated.


  • Can I decide where my donations go?

    Yes. If you would like to sponsor a student studying a certain health profession or country please let us know.

    If you make a One Off Donation or buy a Gift Package please select the type of student that you wish your donation to help.

    If you make a regular donation, please contact us.


  • I have more questions – who can I talk to?

    If you have more questions we’d be delighted to answer them. Please contact us by email, phone or post and we will do our best to answer your queries.