The aim of the Medic to Medic is to guarantee the tuition fees for healthcare students who have academic potential, but are in financial need. With this consistency of income, students are able to focus on their studies until graduation.

Medic to Medic links student health workers in Malawi and Uganda to international donors. In this way, we function along the lines of “sponsor a child” schemes run by well-known charities. Of note, although we link individual students, we pool our donations so that even if a donor withdraws, no student is disadvantaged. At first, these donors were mostly health professionals (hence “Medic to Medic”), but now include many members of the public as well.

Our students send their linked sponsor regular updates on their progress. This can then develop into a correspondence if the donor so wishes. We hope this will not only provide mentoring advice for students, but will also raise awareness of the conditions facing medical colleagues worldwide.

We cover each students tuition fees and other necessary allowances as well as providing them with medical equipment and textbooks so that they have everything they need to reach their FULL potential and successfully qualify as health workers in their home country.  We currently support over 50 students.

Medic to Medic has expanded from sponsoring only medical students to sponsoring a whole range of trainee health professionals, from one country to three and from one university to four. This has all been thanks to our donors, fundraisers, supporters, partner institutions and a fantastically enthusiastic team.