Charity Information

Medic to Medic was set up in 2007 by Kate Mandeville, a British doctor. Kate was born in Malawi when her father was working as an engineer there. On visiting Malawi years later, she was struck by the scarcity of doctors in the mission hospital where she was born. She went on to visit the one medical school in Malawi, where the staff told her how poor but able students were struggling to get through the course due to lack of funds. Many of these students spent their spare time trying to find extra funding rather than focusing on their studies. Yet these students were the ones more likely to stay and work in Malawi. And the sums involved were tiny compared to educating a medical student in Western countries.

On her return, Kate decided to set up a scheme where UK health professionals would make small donations to support trainee health workers in poor countries. This would give consistency of funding for students, who could then concentrate on their studies. It would also provide a more focused charity option for health professionals or those interested in healthcare overseas.

She contacted the International Medical Education Trust 2000 (IMET2000), a charity dedicated to provide high-curriculum medical education globally. The founder of IMET2000, Professor Colin Green, was immediately taken by the idea and Medic to Medic was born as a programme of IMET2000. Here it grew for 5 years before branching off in September 2012 as it's own charity.

We’ve expanded from supporting only medical students to sponsoring a whole range of trainee health professionals, from one country to two and from one university to three. This has all been thanks to our donors, fundraisers, supporters, partner institutions and a fantastically enthusiastic team.

For each of our students, we pay for their university tuition fees, provide them with a twice yearly stationery allowance, together with a medical equipment pack and course textbooks so that they have everything they need to reach their full potential and qualify as health workers in their home country.

We currently have over 50 students under our scholarships and we look forward to welcoming many more in the future!  Our support continues after students have graduated; we also provide salary supplements to our graduates during their 18 month internship.

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