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GP and Doctors Mess Campaign

January 21, 2016
Are you a GP or part of a hospital doctors mess?

Why not sponsor a student health worker as a GP surgery or doctors mess?  We will send you a poster about Medic to Medic with information about one of the students that we support.  This can be placed in the patient waiting room or communal area.  We will send you your students’ biannual updates to place on the poster to give fresh information.  It is hoped that this will raise awareness of the critical shortages of health workers in Africa and the challenges that student health workers face on a day-to-day basis and give some perspective to the NHS.  We ask that GP surgeries donate approximately £15 per month, or £150-£200 per year.  We ask that doctors’ mess donate one doctor’s annual mess membership towards their selected student.  Contact us for more details on how to take part.

Thank you to Royal Bournemouth Hospital Doctors Mess for being our first doctors mess to sponsor a student!