October 27, 2016
Thank you for your support during our emergency appeal!

What a roller-coaster of emotions it has been over the last few weeks!  THANK YOU to everyone who donated towards our emergency appeal during August and September 2016.  We are incredibly grateful for your support. 

For those of you that missed it, in July, the university of Malawi increased all student tuition fees for the coming academic year starting in August.  This meant that many of our existing students were having their fees raised by 600%!  With just a couple of weeks to go until the start of term, we were all extremely worried about what this would mean and having done the sums, it meant raising an extra £10k for this year alone, to continue supporting our existing students.

Following the initial shock of the tuition fee increases at the university of Malawi, we didn’t know how we were going to be able to carry on.  But, through your support we’ve been able to successfully fundraise what we need to continue supporting all 39 of our existing students at the College of Medicine, which is just fantastic!  THANK YOU for rallying around us during our time of need.


To the regular donors who’ve continued to support us your loyalty has not gone unnoticed and to the new names and faces of those we’ve only just met, we hope that this is the start of a long relationship between yourselves and us at Medic to Medic.


For those who've donated, you should have all received a student profile, their latest student update and our newsletter over email.  For those who pledged larger amounts, your Medic to Medic gifts are on their way to you and you should have received them by 31st October.  Please let us know if you have not received them.


On behalf of everyone at Medic to Medic and all of our students THANK YOU SO MUCH.

A special thanks to Brian Rowe who donated £1000 towards our crowdfunder appeal!