We're registered in the US!

January 06, 2017
Welcome to the team Gaurav!

"We are happy to announce that Medic to Medic has expanded its sponsorship efforts to the United States and has been registered as a 501c(3). We are thrilled about the possibilities this creates for us to continue supporting our current students and expanding our support to even more students in the future. As a registered 501c(3), all donations made to Medic to Medic will be 100% tax deductible.

On a personal note, I am particularly excited to be involved with an organization that is doing such a great job to help reduce the shortage of trained medical professionals in countries that have a severe need. By operating at the intersection of health and education, Medic to Medic is able to create a multiplier effect. After completing their training, the sponsored students work to improve the health of their communities, leading to more productive communities, economic growth and poverty reduction…and a lasting impact of your contributions.

We look forward to the next chapter of Medic to Medic and to the wonderful success stories of students reaching their potential and contributing to sustainable communities through your financial sponsorship.  To make a donation to Medic to Medic in US$ please follow the link: https://www.medictomedic.org.u...

Gaurav Gupta, US Coordinator Medic to Medic