Book Donations

September 15, 2018
We distributed over 150kg of second hand medical textbooks at the College of Medicine to our students training to be doctors, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

These books have been kindly donated from health professionals in the UK and transported to Malawi through #MalawiAirCargo.  There is no university medical textbook shop at the College of Medicine which makes these donated books invaluable to students training in Malawi.

Should you have books to donate, please send us a list of books or a photo of the spines of the books so we can see what you have to donate through to 

Please be aware that books are costly for us to send and store, and whilst we welcome donations, they pose additional financial and logistical challenges which diverts our time from our main charitable activities.  Please only contact us if your books are in good condition, are recent editions and if you can drop these off to us directly (or arrange delivery) at our office at Northwick Park Hospital. A one off donation of £25 or greater would be appreciated with each donation. This will go towards shipping to Malawi (each kg of books costs £2.60 to ship to Malawi, unless we have volunteers travelling to Malawi who can take these with them in their luggage).

Our students greatly appreciate these books. It means that they do not always need to rely on the library, where resources are few and in high demand. They can take books home and study in their accommodation. It makes them stronger and better learners. 

#ThankYou for your donations.