Medical Equipment Packs

September 15, 2018
During our #M2Mvisit2018 we met up with our MBBS year 3 students undertaking clinical rotations at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe - Ben, Chimwemwe and Rose.

We distributed their medical equipment packs which include: stethoscope, thermometer, BP cuff, tape measure, sats probe, tendon hammer, tuning forks, tourniquet, snellen chart and ottoscope! Now they have all the equipment they need to study optimally and become Malawi's next generation of doctors!  There is no university medical equipment shop at the College of Medicine.  The medical equipment packs are invaluable for students training to become healthworkers.

"Equipment is helpful in many ways for example, practicing physical examination it's easier to practice since the equipment is readily available. I have what I need to be on the wards." Chimwemwe Banda

Like what we do? Why not buy a gift package for a loved one? You can buy a medical equipment pack, so more students training as doctors in the worlds poorest country have what they need to study optimally.