Physiotherapy reverses poverty

September 15, 2018
During our #M2Mvisit2018 we met with Enock Chisati, head of the physiotherapy department at the College of Medicine in Blantyre.

Physiotherapy is one of the most under utilised parts of the health workforce in Malawi. There is huge potential for physiotherapists to create positive change.  Rehabilitation services get people back to work, earn a living and support their families, prevent disability and improve function; people are no longer a burden on their families.  Physiotherapists help reverse poverty.

"I think mostly the support that students get from Medic to Medic has had some positive impacts...I'm looking at an example of one of our students who had challenges.  Before we didn't know that this student had challenges at home.  At one point in time he had to come and write an exam (supplementary) but he didn't know about the exam, so he came in late.  When I asked him, 'Why are you late?', he told me he actually had to take his mother to the hospital and actually he was in a very rural area where there was no network, so even if the registry tried to call him they couldn't get hold of him.  He only got the message when he arrived in Mzuzu where he could access the internet and he could access some network on his phone.  But, then he tried to come and sit for the exam.  This gave me the idea that these students maybe have some challenges in terms of finances and all that. Since that time when Medic to Medic came in and he started to get some support things have really improved.  He is more confident, he is able to attend his exams on time.  So this is really a good impact from Medic to Medic.  This will be really important to the health professionals in terms of how they work in Malawi."  Enock Chisati

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