Team sign out from #M2Mvisit2018

September 15, 2018
It was a busy and productive trip during #M2Mvisit2018

Thank you to everyone who has helped look after us to accomplish such an extensive and productive visit!  We will continue to share with you progress of our students, who continue to inspire us.

During this visit we managed:

  • 70 student interviews
  • Distributed 8 medical equipment packs
  • Gave 4 new laptops
  • Created 3 additional laptop loan schemes using donated laptops
  • Distributed >150kgs of medical books
  • Attended 2 graduate dinners and 2 student parties
  • Distributed thousands of pounds of student allowances
  • Attended 1 graduation at St John of God
  • Organised 11 faculty meetings
  • Collected 4 tuition fee invoices
  • Had 2 bank meetings
  • Bought countless airtime and internet bundles
  • Stayed at 4 different locations
  • Broken down (and been rescued)
  • Networked to extend opportunities available to Medic to Medic
  • Travelled over a 1000kms and... 
  • Welcomed 27 new students to the Medic to Medic family!

When we first meet students, we often find them quiet and reserved, having gone through many challenges just to get to where they are, with very little hope at finishing their studies. It’s a privilege to watch them flourish into confident, qualified health professionals with energy and passion for the task ahead.  Without donor support this transformation would not be possible!  Thank you for being part of their journey!

If you want to #SponsoraStudent get in touch and we can tell you all about it!