#RainySeason #Appeal post Cyclone Idai

April 02, 2019
* * * * * CAMPAIGN IN RESPONSE TO CYCLONE IDAI * * * * * * Malawi #RainySeason #Appeal


We know many of our supporters and donors will join with us in expressing their sorrow at the devastation from cyclone Idai affecting Southern Africa.

#Malawi was already facing a humanitarian crisis due to heavy rains prior to the cyclone. We are heartbroken at the suffering facing the region.

To our students, please know that you and your families and your people are in our thoughts. To our donor community, thank you for thinking of our #MedictoMedic family and offering support.

We do not yet know the full impact of this disaster in our community. It is our hope that all our students, alumni and their families are safe and remain so.

Malawi will continue to face many challenges during her recovery. Even if our students have not been affected directly, there will no doubt be food insecurity, housing and health challenges in the coming weeks and months which will impact everyone. We are here for you and will share with our networks the challenges you face - you are not alone.

Now, more than ever before our graduates, self proclaimed "products of Medic to Medic" will be working in Malawi's health system to help their nation recover. Supporting health education is so important. With Malawian fully trained health professionals, national response can be mobilised more efficiently.

We have over 50 students training in Malawi. The donations from our campaign page will go towards increasing student allowances when they are next due, offering small grants to families of our students who have been directly impacted and any remaining will go towards supporting more needy students at the institutions where we work. We know that our students will be tempted to use their allowances to support their families.  We know that this disaster will put a lot of pressure on families, and as a result more students are likely to struggle at university.

If you would like to support diaster relief in the region directly, we would recommend visiting the campaign pages of well known organisations including: