Shave for Medic to Medic

June 04, 2019
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"Hello, my name is Jack Sinclair and I am a 4th year medical student from New Zealand. I recently had my eyes opened to the healthcare situation in developing countries and I really wanted to do something to help out, as I thought that what we were doing really wasn't enough, and I wanted to raise awareness for these countries.

I have been growing my hair for years now since I started university and I decided that I would shave my head in order to raise some money for this cause.

I was introduced to Medic to Medic by my lecturer and I thought it would be a great cause to donate to, as it addresses the lack of healthcare higher up on the chain than if I raised money, say, to buy medicines for these countries. I also really liked how they work directly with the universities and students so that the money isn't siphoned through organisations that may take a cut of the funds for themselves.

I have a online donation link here:…/shave-for-healthcare-in-africa

and I would really appreciate it if you could contribute to this awesome cause."