CAMPAIGN REPORT: Emergency Appeal - Protecting Malawi's health workers with PPE, June 2020

June 06, 2020
Who knew the word “unprecedented” would have been used so many times during 2020? 2020 has thrown us many challenges. The Personal Protective Equipment appeal has given Medic to Medic an opportunity to be proactive during these periods of uncertainty.

Having built strong relationships with our graduates during the course of their training, the thought of their safety being put at risk during their day to day work motivated us to act. 


When we started this project in March 2020 central to this planning was that items would be commissioned and purchased in Malawi so that we could invest and support local businesses.  This would not only enable Malawi to respond to its own needs during the pandemic but would also mean we wouldn’t be expecting international shipments of PPE during a time where there are global shortages.


This has been an incredible journey and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with our graduates, the tailors on the ground and the other volunteers.  These projects do not happen in isolation and there are so many people to thank!  Your financial investment has been so heartening at a time when there have been so many reasons in the world to feel hopeless and a time when we know many of our supporters may also be going through financial challenges.  We are thankful for you.  This report tells you more about those who’ve helped us and how your support has made a difference to our graduate community.  We initially thought a newsletter would be sufficient, but there have been too many stories and details that we wanted to share, so a full report was required instead!


Encouragingly the tailors informed us that they have had to employ more people in order to complete our orders and this has helped their businesses grow.  Now different organisations and charities are approaching us and asking for the contact numbers of these businesses so that they can commission their own orders as well.  These are just some of the indirect positive outcomes from this appeal.


You helped us raise over £12,400 for this project!  This is largest amount Medic to Medic has ever raised during a single campaign and we couldn’t have done it without you!  ALL of this money has been spent on PPE and allowances in country.  Initially we set a target of £5000 as we thought this was most realistic.  Then we set a stretch target of £8000.  This was what all the items we wanted to provide would cost to commission.  As the appeal progressed, the costs of materials had increased in Malawi and our original quotes needed to be revised.  Our final target of £10,500 meant that we could provide all our Malawi graduates with an allowance so that they had the resources to buy replacement soap, sanitizer and masks if they needed.  These allowances are modest (in the region of £20 each) but go some way to empowering them to look after themselves. 


To have reached a total of over £12,400 has meant that we have been able to provide allowances to our 3 graduates in Uganda so that they can commission their own PPE kits in country.  We were also able to provide 8 of our upgrading clinical officers and nurses with an increased PPE allowance so they could commission their own PPE items as well.  Meaning that we have helped 137 health workers with PPE during the global pandemic.


For some of you this will have been the first time that you’ve heard of Medic to Medic and the first time that you’ve donated.  Thank you for believing in us and our graduates.  We hope that you may consider supporting us again in the future.  Regular donors are linked to a student and you will receive regular updates on their progress during the year.  Regular donations enable us to plan ahead and determine how much additional fundraising we need during the year so that we can continue looking after all of our students.  If you’re interested in signing up to be a donor, you can do so through our website and we’re always happy to discuss questions and queries if you have them, so please get in touch.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign! Supplying PPE to our graduate health workers goes some way to ensure they are as protected as they possibly can be during the global pandemic.  We wish you all safety during the next stage and thank you for supporting us when you yourself may be going through financial challenges.

Have a full read of our appeal report.  This is a compressed version that's possible to download.  If you'd like to see the full size version, please drop us an email and we'll send it on: