Chitenje Scrubs

March 27, 2020
We're selling our African Chitenje scrub tops! All of our tops are in the UK at the moment and due to various lock downs and logistics we can't currently sell internationally outside of the UK.

What is African Chitenje?

African Chitenje is an African garment similar to the sarong. They are brightly coloured and generally have lots of patterns. It is often worn by women, wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling. Chitenjes have an edging only on a long side and can be tailored into clothing. They are worn in most central and southern African countries by men and women.

Fundraising Chitenje Scrubs

In 2018 we had the idea of creating Chitenje scrub tops to raise vital funds for our Malawian students as well as help to promote ourselves to the medical community. By chance, Portia, one of our physiotherapy graduates whom we supported during her training, approached us asking if she could make us some items to sell for fundraising. As such, we set about creating our Chitenje scrubs!

These Chitenje scrubs are currently a pilot and we would appreciate your feedback on every aspect of this project! We will email you a link to a survey at a later date. We hope these tops will be useful during on call shifts as they have deep pockets to contain lists, pagers and pens and we hope their lively colours will brighten up your night shift! We would love to see pictures of you in your tops that we can share on social media to help promote the project! Please email us or send over Facebook to Medic to Medic.

A note on quality

A note on quality: please bear in mind that these tops are made by an individual; Malawi is prone to power outages and blackouts meaning that some of the work is done by hand, threads and tops may not always match. They are not mass produced and sizes and patterns vary. We can guarantee that your top will be an individual!  We will be continually improving and monitoring the quality as we progress and improve logistics. Please take them in the spirit with which they were made in helping us fundraise for our students in Malawi.


NZ$ 30 per top 

AU$ 25 per top 

£15 per top

All monies go towards our students training in Malawi.  Discounts if multiples are bought.

Washing instructions

In Malawi chitenjes are washed by hand and then ironed dry. In our experience we have washed them in a colour wash on a moderate temperature in the washing machine, but be careful as colours may run the first time!


We're happy to do multi shipments via UPS or DPD courier within the UK for a group of people (e.g. doctors mess, GP practice or group of friends). Please email us to organise on: We will aim to get back to you within 1-2 days.

Cost is £10 in multi shipments or £15 for a single top. ALL monies go towards Medic to Medic and will help support our disadvantaged students training as health workers in Malawi.