Protecting Malawi's health workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during Covid-19

April 07, 2020
Help us supply PPE to our graduate health workers in Malawi.

The importance of human resources for health are now more than ever before being recognised as essential against death and disease.  Health workers are SO important and even more so within sub-saharan Africa where there are simply not enough during the best of times, let alone the worst of times.  


Monies raised from our crowdfunding campaign will help us to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to our graduate community, so that they can protect themselves during the covid-19 pandemic on the frontline in Malawi.  If our campaign exceeds our target, we will commission more PPE to be made which will be distributed through our graduates to Malawi's government facilities.


We will be working with local tailors to sustainably produce scrubs, surgical gowns, masks, hats and visors.  We will purchase soap from local street vendors.  This means we will be investing in the local community to ensure that local people can also benefit from this initiative and protect their incomes for a little bit longer.  In poor communities, this is extremely important.  This method ensures that we can get to work straight away, rather than buying internationally and expecting shipments during a time where there are global shortages.  It also means our initiative will not divert PPE from other countries. Our graduate community will organise the logistics of distribution and we have representatives throughout the country to ensure the PPE gets to where it needs to go.


Some of the world's best health systems have been beyond stretched by this pandemic.  This begs the question how some of the world's most fragile health systems will defend themselves against Covid-19, where basic principles of disease prevention are not possible.  When you don't have money to buy food, how will you afford to buy soap? When malaria, TB and overcrowding are common place, how can you avoid people with a fever and cough?  When a large number of the population have underlying health conditions and already threatened immunity due to HIV, how will their bodies defend themselves? 

We need to protect the health workers staffing fragile health systems.  Without them, the impact on ongoing infectious disease epidemics with disruption in HIV, TB, malaria programmes (to name but a few) will be devastating and have lasting consequences which will affect everyone.  When the developed world comes out of this nightmare, it will be easy to forget that the developing world will only just be at the peak of theirs.


Anything you are able to give would be greatly appreciated.  Please do so through our campaign page:

Donations in different currencies (NZ$, US$, AU$, Euros) can be made through our online donation system on our website through the donate tab.

For those in Malawi wanting to make a donation, please message us for our local bank account details so you are able to donate in Malawi Kwacha.  Our email address is