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Sponsor a student from as little as £5 per month or choose to buy a Gift Package for family, friends or even for yourself click here for more details.






Medic to Medic is a pioneering scheme which aims to support health workers in training worldwide. There is an enormous shortage of trained health workers (doctors, nurses, midwives) in developing countries, which holds back many health programmes.

However, many talented potential students are not able to get into training as they cannot pay the tuition fees. Later on, some trainees have to drop out of their courses due to lack of funding.

We help health workers through their training by guaranteeing tuition fees and other course costs. Our supporters make regular donations, and are linked to an individual student. These trainees send updates on their progress, and supporters can enter into a correspondence. There are even opportunities to visit your linked student in their home country.

We aim for our students to work in their home countries. We continue sponsoring our trainees even after graduation in order to reduce financial pressures to emigrate.



"Imagine" by Global Health Workforce Alliance

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