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Make a regular monthly donation towards the training of a health worker in Africa.  Your donation will be matched to an individual student and receive regular updates about their progress.  You will receive a twice yearly student update from your matched student, together with our twice yearly newsletter and annual charity report.  The average cost of sponsoring a student with tuition fees, a biannual allowance and study resources is approximately £1000 (exchange rates fluctuating).  Most students are matched to several sponsors.  All regular donations are warmly received and help us with our financial sustainability. To make a regular donation, please click here.

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Want a personal challenge?  Do an event for us!  We do hold charity places for sports events intermittently.  We ask that you contribute towards the cost of your entry fee, which we will reimburse to you if you have successfully raised more than the entry fee cost.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to do a personal challenge!

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We raise approximately £3000 per year trading unwanted books (fiction and non-fiction) using Ziffit, Music Magpie and We Buy Books apps.  These are generally user friendly to use and the process straightforward.  Organise a collection of books within your local community, e.g. from neighbours, friends, family, church group, youth group, school or workplace.  Scan the bar codes using these apps.  Package items of value in a box and arrange courier through the app for collection.  The trade gets cleared and proceeds can be donated to Medic to Medic.  Not all the books are always worth something on these apps and it can change on a daily basis.  A minimum trade is £5 in order to send in a shipment and some books only worth 10p, so make sure you have enough boxes and books to generate some funds.  Donate remaining books which are not of value to a local charity shop.  We have active book drives in Amersham in Buckinghamshire where items can be dropped off at any time - email us for more information.

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We have active recycling communities collecting a whole range of items that cannot be collected through kerbside council collections.  Through Recycle 4 Charity ( we recycle old ink cartridges.  Through a private stamp and coin collector in Southampton we also recycle old coins and stamps.  Recycling for good causes ( takes old cameras, phones, tablets, iPads, watches and jewellery.  We also have active Terracycle collections (

Our recycling programmes add environmental and financial sustainability to our organisation.  We would love to expand to more collection points.

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Consider leaving Medic to Medic a legacy in your will.  Your gift will be life changing for the students that you will support.



Our university branches are a valuable part of the Medic to Medic team.  They hold a range of events and campaigns to fundraise for their counterparts in Malawi. Over the years, they’ve organised everything from cake sales and picnics to phone recycling and revision lectures to raise both awareness and funds. Committees are made up of students with a diverse range of skills and talents, and any students with an interest in international health are welcome to join.  We keep in touch with the student branches every month to discuss, update and support each other.  If you’re interested in setting up a Medic to Medic branch at your university, please contact us for an information pack.

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Do you run a community group?  Are you a school, scout group, university, WI or rotary group?  We can come and do a talk for you to raise awareness about the critical shortage of health workers in Africa and the challenges that student health workers in these areas face.  In return we ask for a small donation of any amount towards our organisation.  Please email us should you wish to arrange a speaker.

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