Medic to Medic is a pioneering scheme, which supports student health workers in resource poor countries.

There is a critical shortage of trained health workers (doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives) in developing countries, which holds back many health programs. However, there are many talented students who want to become health professionals. Like in the UK, university is expensive and many students are forced to drop out of their training because they are unable to afford their tuition fees or the cost of living.

Health Workers for All supports disadvantaged student health workers through their training by guaranteeing tuition fees and providing equipment (such as a stethescope) and other necessary allowances so that they have everything they need to reach their full potential. Our supporters make regular donations and are linked to an individual student. Our students send in regular updates, which we share with our donors so they can keep updated on their students’ progress.

We support our graduates during their internship in order to reduce the financial pressures to emigrate. We aim for our students to work in their home countries following qualification.

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